Slimming Secrets of the Zen Goddess

Have you ever noticed that our sisters from the Eastern hemisphere are comparatively slimmer than our sisters in the West?
What’s their secret?
In the far East, meals are prepared to nurture the spirit as well as the body.
The pace is more relaxed, meals are eaten mindfully and never rushed. An Eastern Goddess customarily observes ritual before and during a meal, as well as taking pleasure in her food in a devout, almost sensual way.
Sensual eating connects our body to our mind and our mind to our spirit.
Anything done mindlessly, creates a dis-connection of some kind. Eating in front of the TV, eating while driving or working, standing around and talking, are all mindless ways of eating. It’s easy to do. But it’s a habit that not only causes poor digestion but causes us to consume extra calories by way of over eating.
It should come as no surprise to discover that fast-food was actually designed to be eaten mindlessly.
Our brain is very sensitive to chemical changes in our body and often relies on sensory signals to prompt it into action. If we are too distracted while eating, our brain won’t receive the full message and therefore may not release specific hormones needed to inform us we are satisfied. Thinking we are still hungry, puts us at risk of over eating.
Over eating combined with eating the wrong foods lead to a cycle of perpetual weight gain.
We don’t need to eat all the time. Nor do we need to eat overly large portions.
It’s time to realise that you will not starve yourself if you take a short break from food. If the thought of fasting, skipping a meal or not snacking makes you uncomfortable, than a simple lack of discipline may be creating a setback on your road to good health and permanent weight loss.
Instead of focusing on not eating, go for a walk in nature. Spend that time to breathe, clear your mind and get a fresh perspective.
These are the times when revelations come to us.
Practice being mindful and learn to break your mental attachment to constant food intake.
Practice eating less.
Eating should be a sacred ceremony. We nurture our spirit with each opportunity we take to appreciate and nourish ourselves with high quality, high vibrational, healthy food.
Being a Zen Goddess is easy. We don’t have to come from the far East, all we need is to practice a little daily mindfulness.
Mindfulness is being fully present in each moment. Life is a series of present moments. Each one literally bursting at the seams with potential.
It’s True!
There is no such thing as boredom, boredom is an affliction of the mind and promotes negative inaction… Blah.
We’ve all felt it.
Focusing on what we can do right now instead of thinking about how we got here and what may or may not happen in the future, promotes positive action.
We live in the now because we know that now is all we have and all we ever need to focus on.
It’s very ZEN.


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