The Natural Foods Growing Around Us

For me, mindful eating starts with the unlimited potential contained in one, tiny seed. One, small seed holds inside an infinite amount of life energy and also many teaching for us humans if only we are able to slow down and be mindful enough to notice. Many of the wild plants that can be found growing in a natural state are a source of nourishment for our body, mind and spirit. These naturally occurring plants are full of trace minerals that are bodies need but lack. Nature, if left to its own devices is able to provide for all of our wants and needs. Wildcrafting is a term used to describe the gathering of wild foods and medicinal herbs from nature to be freely used for our benefit. When the healing effects of being outdoors are combined with the gathering of food we start to reconnect to that primal part of ourselves that was once an integral part of the natural world as a whole. We begin to feel a deep satisfaction with ourselves as we become aware of our connection to the environment around us for which we are an integral part. Include a good nature guide of edible plants on your next forage into nature. Take your time, taste, touch, smell and allow yourself to truly experience and become one with the object of your nourishment and health. I recommend adding some adventure to your next excursion into mother nature and discover some of the natural foods that are there waiting for you!

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