Life Without Dieting

In days long past, the word Diet did not exist. People walked the earth in gratitude and appreciation of life and of their bodies. Gathering, preparing and partaking in the nutritious gifts of Mother Earth’s creation, without all the depreciating and absurd body issues that have insinuated themselves into the psyche of our modern culture. Our ancestors would never of heeded or needed diet gurus or duplicitous weight loss programs and fads.

Is it possible for us to live like our ancestors did – living free, healthy and in harmony with nature in a world choked full of chemicals, additives and pollutants?

Yes it is. We can start by putting away all the diet books and magazines that tell us we are not good enough by way of comparison to another. We can STOP DIETING and start paying attention to our OWN body! That doesn’t mean we scrutinize it in front of the mirror, looking for every conceivable flaw by the way. It means we develop a tender, loving relationship with our physical body. We learn to appreciate just how special it is and in time truly begin to treat it with the respect it deserves.

When we adopt and nurture this perspective in our hearts, our body naturally responds in a positive manner. There is a cellular intelligence driving our body, infinite in its capacity. You’ll be amazed to discover just how cooperative your body can be when treated right. An organism cannot function effectively when it is overburdened with toxins, chemicals, fats, sugars and stimulants. Our body is one big outstanding organism always and instinctively trying to attain a state of homeostasis – a state of balance in the body. That’s why we find it cooperating with us when we give it what it needs. Our body wants to be free from pain and dis-ease at all times. It actively seeks out every opportunity for healing to take place within it. Our body has an innate wisdom and capacity to heal itself- if it is allowed to do so. If we mistreat our body over a period of time it’s ability to maintain internal equilibrium decreases, our health declines and we become susceptible to dis-ease, weight gain and lots of other problems too. When this happens we sometimes get the notion that our body is our enemy without realising that neglect or ignorance on our part has been the real culprit. Now that we understand that our body is NOT the enemy, but in fact our ally, we can re-kindle our relationship with it. We can learn to trust in our body’s ability to heal itself and finally, we can respect and love it. Without any grudges!

This is what our ancestors knew. They understood the sacred relationship that exists between our Body, Mind and Spirit and how that relationship runs parallel with our Mother Earth.

The journey begins – inside us.

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