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“I’ve tried so many crash diets and I feel like all along I’ve been refusing to get in touch with my body. For the first time I’m starting to hear what my body wants. Its very cool. VERY cool. I’ve heard people say that before and it sounded like a load of baloney. But now I’m feeling it myself. THANK YOU!!!” – Dawn,  USA

“It does not require anything special, no equipment to spend money on, no time consuming reading on ingredients and no force put on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat  – in other words, one does not have to suffer and starve oneself to ridiculousness. The whole practice goes smoothly over and makes one feel connected to the higher power.” – Rose, Canada


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10 Most Unhealthy Cancer-Causing Foods

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 Mindful Eating Online Course:

The Mindful Eating Online Course is an in-depth opportunity to explore the training and teachings discussed in the Zen Anti-Diet book. The 6-week email-based program is designed to provide more specific guidelines to help you fully integrate the principles of the Zen Anti-Diet into your daily life. The course includes a series of Q&A on your current eating habits, exercise routines and lifestyle as well as Zen Anti-Diet recipes, ideas and gentle exercises to assist in the transition to a healthier you. This immersion course offers one on one correspondence with the author, Aaron Hoopes, as he assists you in customizing the Zen Anti-Diet to your own personal needs. A certificate of completion will be presented at the end of the course.

Course Fee $99


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